Home and Creature Comforts

After submitting our ‘dream’ home to the Lord for about a week during my prayers, everything seemed to work out. The ‘dream’ home is now legally ours to purchase and now its about sorting out the financing and S&P. Everything happened too quickly but the dream is now fast becoming a reality!

Ever since I have started my blog over 18 mths ago, we had been on the lookout for a home to call our own. Many trips to view houses, appointment with various agents, surfing iproperty.com and after a few disappointments over the past 2-3 years, I hope we can finally clinch the deal with the property we both like extremely.

Hubby and I are equally excited about decking out the place but unfortunately, like everyone else, budgeting comes before renovation and italian designer furnishing fantasies. Should we blow a lump sum on getting everything done to perfection the first time (at the risk of pauperism) or do the renovation and furnishings slowly, just getting by with the major items (read: just a fantastic luxury bed + 52 inch TV + a fridge that MUST dispense ice and water???).

I am now adding a new category to my category cloud – “Home & Creature Comforts” to document our new adventure – which I hope can contribute to advice for you if you too are going to be first time home owners.

My other half has been enthusiastically roaming the net til wee hours of the morning looking at home furnishings – while I scour pages of ID magazines (cutting and pasting concepts). So far we have the same ideas and ideals for the theme of the house so no arguments yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed and continue to pray for a speedy settlement for the house! I hope time will be on our side since our baby is on the way!

For now, the fantasy lives on…

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