The Chop & The Perils of Impending Motherhood

I have finally gone and done it. Chopped off my long hair after 4-5 years of having that mane. My husband was next to me waiting for his haircut while our hairstylist Ken at The Lab was taking off more than 60% of my hair. (And to think I have been carrying that baggage around for all these years!)

The husband was oblivious (of course) to the lost hair as his eyes were glued to his BB. Until Ken had finished with my haircut, Ronnie swiveled round and said “OMG! My poor darling cut her hair!” Note the words “OMG” and “Poor darling”. Not very encouraging, innit?

I said to Ken – “Poor Ronnie hasn’t seen me with short hair before in his life! He must be traumatised….”

I had already forewarned my husband that I was going to chop my hair off but none of us knew how short I’d go. I told Ken to leave enough hair for me to tie up, but strangely, after the cut I felt it wasn’t short enough. I thought I’d go slow and leave it at shoulder length instead of straight for the chic and nasty “POB” (aka Victoria Beckham).

The shampoo girl came to dry my hair after the ‘ordeal’ and said to me “Wah, lei seh tak ah?” (loosely translated as: Wah, you have the heart to cut off your hair?). Then she added “If its me, I would be crying. I had cut two inches off my long hair last year and even then I cried”.

The thought of having that long hair during my impending labour and during my confinement period was not soothing in the least. The last thing I wanted on my mind was to worry about the knots and tangles and just the weight of it. But to be frank, I was worried I’d be abit depressed – not to mention motherhood & labour would not be a very glamorous time. I asked Ken nervously if I’d still look sexy with short hair and he assured me that I would. (Now, after the haircut, I feel the dubiousness of that statement!)

I squeezed two ‘enthusiastic’ confirmations out of Ronnie to ensure that I still looked ‘nice’ and he said I did. I think cute was the word he used, which I guess is compliment enough!

Oh the perils of motherhood *dramatic sigh*…..not just having to put up with all those nasty pregnancy symptoms and raging hormones but the threatened (& potential) loss of attraction from the husband too! Oh the joys of being a woman.

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