Baby talk

What better way to start off the second day of the week than to blog about what a beautiful day it is today?

………………….OK – so there is nothing particularly beautiful about today, except that it isnt too hot and sunny and it isnt raining cats and dogs. I’m just happy to be breathing, alive, well and as I read somewhere, we should thank God for everyday – every new day, just because we have another day. For me, I’m happy I’m normal today – no ups no downs – not so much an inkling of the blues. And can you imagine? I sometimes forget I’m pregnant and that my bump is the size of  a honeydew fruit (these feelings are only strictly reserved for the good days, mind you).

Baby has been athletic the past few days – I imagined that she had mastered ‘poking her elbow into me’ a far bit. Whether it was an arm or a leg – there were some Shaolin kicks in there. 2-3 weeks ago, she weighed 700gms at 24 weeks and now we are midweek of the 27th week. I reckon she has put on another 100gms at least?

I weighed myself last night – I was a ‘whopping’ 52kgs. Thats 7 kgs put on since. If baby is 800gms, just where did the other 6.2kgs go to? My bum? My arms and legs look about the same so is the rest made up of the dreaded water retention?

For the first time in 6 months I managed to go for a pampering facial last weekend. It was abit tiring to lie on my back the entire time so I had swap to a side position while I waited for the mask to do its work. I could feel the skin on my face being pulled down alittle as I lay on my side and I did worry for a while that my face would set that way!!

Oh another 13 weeks (is that all?) of pregnancy if all goes well and according to term. By which time, the size of my tummy would be like a basketball.

Question for the day: How do you squeeze a basketball out from your body? Anyone?


3 thoughts on “Baby talk

  1. HI Sue Ann,

    I stumbled upon your blog through my friend’s Melissa, and believe we went to same school actually, not the same year though.
    Anyway, i just read this post of yours, and it made me laugh with your question of the day. I can’t help but send you a note to tell you you just made my day..that was just cute!

    lai yee

    • hi lai yee thanks for ur motivating note! i thrive knowing that i spread some joy! haha….thanks for dropping by and hope u enjoy my ridiculous rants! xxoxo

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