Is it inflation or plain ridiculous-ness?

I was walking around Pavilion shopping mall yesterday and after about 1-2 hours of strolling in and out of baby shops and gasping at the price of baby clothes and accessories (I WILL come to THAT later), I felt parched. I went to the nearest cafe i.e. Coffee Bean and ordered a (i) Mineral water (ii) and upon several mind debating seconds, a Mocha Frap (regular).

The mineral water brand was H2O. No havent heard of it either. It was a teensy 300ml bottle (enough for just about 5 gulps) and costs (wait for it!) RM5.25. I was quite shocked (even though I had the same experience at Coffee bean in KLIA, but the same bottle of mineral water was rounded up to about RM6 – I thought it was Airport, thus tourist prices). I turned to the waitress in Coffee Bean and said “Wah, nowadays mineral water also so expensive!”

She gave me a sheepish look and nodded in agreement.

When I managed to find a seat, I sat down and started scrutinising the bottle. Hey, its made in Malaysia, too and nothing special on the label. It read “Air Mineral Semulajadi”.

And did you know a regular frappucino now costs RM13.50? Wow. OK, but still has more perceived value than the 300ml of Air mineral semulajadi (bukan di-import pun!) jenama H2O. If you are selling Evian or Perrier or the fabulous Acqua Panna  ….it would be remotely more acceptable. Or even if the RM5.25 price tag for a 500ml bottle of regular Spritzer would be acceptable – halfway up Mount Kinabalu or something, where bottled water may be scarce.

I never drank water with so much dissatisfaction. Needless to say I finished every drop. When Ronnie came to meet me I played the “Guess how much!!!?? game for the mineral water” haha….Honestly, even a tourist would balk at that price USD1.60 for 300mls local water.

OK, i could go on but I shall rant about the price of baby clothes instead now. You know how everyone loves to go into baby clothing shops and ooh and ahh about the ‘cuteness’ of the clothes. Everything is miniature in all cute little shapes and colours? I fingered most of the clothing and made comments to the salesgirl about “Wah, nowadays baby clothes more expensive than adult clothes”. She also smiled sympathetically.

Later, I was browsing in Baby Gap and Gap Kids and overhead a little girl asking Daddy to buy her a pair of shoes. The Daddy said to her “Aiyoo, your shoe more expensive than Dada’s slipper!” She didn’t throw any tantrums – even she understands at her vunerable age.

I went into another shop called OBAIBI and there was a cute little trenchcoat for babies costing about RM180. My husband was perplexed “But why would a baby need a trenchcoat?”

Oh the new world of motherhood…


3 thoughts on “Is it inflation or plain ridiculous-ness?

  1. I went obaibi buying stuff for my god daughter before..hehehe very expnesive..and yes i bought a trenchie too..ehehe and very expensive but stylo milo

  2. well, part of everything that goes UP UP and UP!!

    to me, prices going up is not as upsetting as when prices goes up, quality drops, portion shrinks … in the end, you’re left RM100 poorer and only a few threads or twirls of wan tan mee to show for it!!

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