Ip MAN 2

I had the privilege to watch Ip Man 2 pretty early on…the theme of the movie seemed generally more light hearted in the sequel but the fight scenes were just as graceful (if i can use that word) as the previous. I felt as if the Wing Chun type of kung fu is similar to a type of dance! What I’m sure is Mr Donnie Yen’s winning points was his emotionless and calm face (and notice he never makes sounds while punching/kicking?) during his fight scenes. It seems he never breaks a sweat and is never out of breath or cut or chopped or bloodied even during a fight with 15 attackers holding machetes.

Some information I took from this website: http://planowingtzun.com/pwt/page_sub.php?page_id=12

Wing Chun is Simple, Direct, and Efficient.

Wing Chun’s purpose is to stop an attack as fast as possible, by any means necessary, without compromising the user’s safety.

Wing Chun is…

  • low, crippling kicks
  • eye gouges followed by the fastest punches in the world!
  • knees and elbows that are always in range and never miss their fragile targets
  • proprietary Chi Sau and Chi Gerk training to overwhelm the attacker’s body and mind

In short, Wing Chun is the most efficient Un-armed fighting system ever devised. Sure, there are other Effective fighting systems. But none tops Wing Chun for Efficiency.

Why clutter your mind (under stress) with a Rolodex of techniques? Do More With Less!

  • One kick (Stomp or Thrust Kick)
  • One punching method (Chain Punches)
  • One defensive position (1350 Rule)
  • One Response for every scenario (Universal Solution)

Wing Chun’s efficiency is rooted in Scientific concepts that take the guess work out of Practical Defense:

  • The Wedge Theory – Use the 4 dimensions like a snow plow!
  • Magnetic Zone Theory – When and where to strike, and with what!
  • Center Line Theory – Beat him to the next punch with positioning!
  • Continuous Forward Spring Pressure – Persistence that finds openings!

Wing Chun has a limited selection of tools but knows when and how to use them with devastating effect. We use ‘specificity with variety’ to train the same tools over and over for a variety of scenarios (thanks Bud Jeffries!). Our Multi-Range Effectiveness includes:

  • Stand-Up to Groundfighting
  • Single and Multiple Attackers
  • Visual and Tactile Stimuli

So that’s what Wing Chun is. What is it NOT?

  • No kicks above the waist
  • No exotic, immobile stances
  • No wild, wasted movements
  • No acrobatic or aerial displays
  • No Bare Feet
  • No Nonsense

Bruce Lee with the Grandmaster Yip Man (looking pretty frail)

I like this pic of Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung because, to me its rare seeing Donnie Yen as anyone BUT Ip Man and modernly dressed*



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