The receptionist

It was with fair excitement that I logged for the first time to Jobstreet under the Employer login. For the first time I would be so to speak “on the other side of the fence” rather than being a hopeful potential candidate.

I have used Jobstreet in my earlier days of job hunting and remember the thrill of going into Jobstreet and checking on the status(es) of my applications – obsessively. But I applied for work quite selectively and usually for work that I thought had potential on seeing me ‘going places’ and not just random “CLICK CLICK CLICK” + “SUBMIT”!

Ok, while I’m now as I said ‘on the other side of the fence’ – only to search for a humble receptionist and also accounts assistant for our office, you can’t imagine the kind of applications we get! (To the point I’m blogging about it, obviously).

80% of applicants for my “receptionist” vacancy were either DIPLOMA holders or GRADUATES! And who are also tremendously over qualified for the role *ting ting*!!!!

Doesnt that indicate that this group of income earners/graduates are either

i. Jobless and terribly desperate

ii. Just submitting their resumes at random

iii. Cannot read

iv. Do not understand the requirements

I myself cannot fully understand the rationale of a graduate wanting to just pick up calls all day. Is this a sign of a waning economy? Or a real peek into the quality of graduates/diploma holders Malaysia produces today?

Most of the candidates for the receptionist role wanted exorbitant salaries – graduates/diploma holders or not. For a receptionist? So it reinforces my theory no. (iii) and (iv) above.

One example of a potential candidate I rang up today, a girl to be known as Ms X. Ms X at her age (young) and looks (pleasant) did not indicate her current salary and expected salary. We contacted her numerous times (voicemail) until she rang back today. Our admin clerk explained we had some questions about her application.

Ms X asked “Where is Klang? I dont know Klang” (According to her resume, she lives in Shah Alam)

Our admin clerk tried to explain – “You know on the way to Port Klang? Banting?” (Maybe she should have said, do you know what is Bah Kut Teh?)

Then Ms X giggled and said “Oh, I need to go meet my friends! Can you phone me back in 5 minutes?” BOINGGGGG!

Our admin clerk hit her palm to her forehead. Alamak!

I have not found it very fun to be on this side of the fence! It is harder looking for someone in a low income group rather than a higher income group, to be honest! So the search wears on……


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