Thomas CUP fever

So if you dont read the papers, dont surf the net much and dont watch TV, you may like to know that that the Thomas Cup 2010 is on. I havent watched the sport on TV in ages and dont even know the new line up, but this doesnt stop me from waiting in anticipation to watch the Semi’s tonight at 7pm.

Based on news reports, the possibility of squeezing through the semi’s against China tonight seems slim to none, and is down to China admitting that Malaysia has “Psychological Advantage” (as opposed to……physical/strategic/stamina/strength advantage you mean?) in tonight’s game.

Its enough to mean…”Come on fans – you can do your part in winning this! Do the ridiculous cheerleading dances! Scream the chants! Use this as warfare to make the ‘enemy’ lose their concentration!”

Even our hero Datuk Lee Chong Wei is up for a challenge tonight against his age old opponent Lin Dan (China). Even two syllable name LIN DAN brings a slight tremor to the knees something like the effect of the name “Ip Man”.

Anyway good luck to the National Malaysian team. Keep up the team spirit, sportsmanship attitude and psychological strength!!!


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