Everything you need

Good morning world!

OK, so its not the whole world I am addressing, just my small bunch of faithful readers! The colour pink above is to signify (more like to motivate, really) ME ME ME. Why? Because being pregnant is not all fun and games – in fact I’m still trying to figure out which part is actually fun. Having said that, it’s a blessing so I shall keep my big mouth shut! The raging hormones sometimes cause me to be slightly bitterer than a gourd, abit more irritable than a senile-ish senior citizen, impatient like a Diva and just about as attractive (inner and outer, mind you) as a small piece of old, dried up chilli.

BUT! I try (quite successfully 95% of the time) to keep all my emotions in check and look as if I’m just as jaunty as Santa Clause during Christmas going Ho HO HO! As some of you may have experienced…keeping your simmering emotions under the surface is just as challenging as running a marathon and it leads to? A volcanic eruption of madness and sometimes tears (awwww) and constipation (I swear!).

So dont try it at home, boys and girls. Let it out! Let it out! Let it all hang out like wet laundry on a hot day!

Coming back to (spiritual) reality, I was driving to work today and there was a lovely Hillsongs song playing in my car which brought me back to ‘where I should be’. They sang (repeatedly) that “Everything I need….is YOU!” You i.e. our heavenly Father.

How true it is. How easily we forget.

However wonderful you world on earth my be. You still fall back to Him, and when push comes to shove, and your inner, dark, morbid self creeps out in a path of self destruction….

when you have dark thoughts,

when your mind is depressed,

when you feel betrayed,

when you feel alone,

when no one understands you,

when there seems to be nothing worth living for…

Our Lord is always by your side and just a reminder for the day…He is everything we need.


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