Human perception of value at the workplace

Is money king?

Or is sense of achievement, opportunity for career advancement, increase in leadership roles or managerial praise equally as motivating to any employee?

Of course – to a certain extent, money can indeed buy happiness. You’d be happy with a travel-in-lap-of-luxury to the Carribean, won’t you? Or perhaps with a shiny new car, home renovation, shopping frenzy, spanking new (and fast!) laptop? Materials materials.

Whatever the moolah you are given, you will still be wanting more. A dead end job which pays $$$ will not quench your longing for the climb up the corporate ladder, sense of achievement, job satisfaction, successful outcomes and results from your efforts and maybe that odd pat on the back or nod of acknowledgement from the big boss?

As one of my ex bosses once told me….

Whatever it is, the sense of accomplishment of earning a ‘decent’ amount of $ is always key. Whether or not you could accept and live with a lesser salary (for an awesome opportunity), part of the sense of achievement IS being ABLE to command that kind of money(that you deserve!) – agree? YES agree!

Job hunting in the past – interviews, interviews, presentations and putting your best foot forward (and on display)  is such adrenalin-pumping business innit? The thrills and disappointments happen but when you land the job of your dreams  it is SUCH satisfaction (until you climb on board and realise you landed yourself in the thick of office politics that is).

So what do you prefer? CASH or other motivating factors if you only had 1 choice?


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