Good morning Malaysia!

Yes, I am still IN Malaysia, although we were supposed to be Down Under enjoying a morning latte and some winter wind at about this time.

The two swaku’s went to KLIA last night after a frantic last day of packing, wrapping up loose ends at work, squeezing in last minute appointments and all the (not so teary) goodbyes (I managed to nap before dinner for a pathetic 45 mins of REM sleep too)!

Upon arriving at KLIA the first words that greeted us at the check in counter was: “Flying to Adelaide? The flight has been delayed – to 730am next morning!”

So here we are back in the office – we opted for a night flight instead. I dont know whether to laugh or cry since I have another 2 days worth of Malaysian food to savour but now we have to also go through ‘leaving anxiety’ again. Whats ‘leaving anxiety’ you may ask?

Its when you know you are leaving for a long trip and your heart is slightly heavy, abit irritated at leaving behind your comforts, wondering if ‘you got everything’ in a sudden panic that you may have left behind a passport, cash or valuables lying around etc.

So now my heart is back to regular beating after yet another one night extension on my bed (bliss!). Its like that Daytona car racing game you play at the arcades screaming ‘TIME EXTENSION!!’ with beating drums at the background.

And! Due to my last minute appointments, work and etc before leaving yesterday – I havent been very diligent with updating my blog. But my dear friends and readers, rest assured I am always thinking ‘Hey, this thought should go into my blog!” then I roll around, hug my bolster and promptly fall asleep. But lately, my body is not mine! So I oblige it.

I’ve got approximately another plus minus 10 weeks of ‘freedom’ or ‘couplehood’ left. I’m supposed to get all the sleep I can get now, but I’ve got to balance that with physical activity or I wont be able to move my bowels! Everything is such a precarious balance. I need to walk enough to be active yet not too much or else the force of gravity pulls me and my 1.4kg bump down. Yes, I am carrying around a little bundle of joy heavier than the weight of my husband’s 13.1 inch laptop.

I am also pleased to announce that I have finally taken to swimming (yes a week before I was scheduled to leave) – my new shorter hairdo facilitates it! But I have abit of an issue with the coldness of pool water. BBBBBbrrrrrrhhh!!!! It always takes a little scream and deep plunge (with alot of little hopping and jumping – teeth barred and all) before I get warmed up. BBBRRRRRRhhhhh!

So I’m off to enjoy yet another wonderful Malaysian lunch today. Are you appreciating your access to local food today?

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