My hump, my little lady hump, check it out!

I think i am finally getting used to my bump (not hump!) and even feeling abit affectionate with it. Its not very big but its getting there. I’m afraid it’s gonna swell into the size of a basketball soon and then it would be really ‘in the way’.

I have developed the pregnant woman’s waddle (whether I like it or not) and walking seems abit more sideways rather than front ways now. How unattractive! (You can tell I’m quite vain).

A friend of mine commented that she ‘missed’ having her bump after she gave birth. I looked at her as if she were mad. But now I think I can imagine that feeling (only somewhat, OK?).

My lovely high school mates threw me and another expectant mother, Pei Li (due any day, any minute, any second now) a wonderful baby shower recently. We played games, had high tea, opened pressies among abit of gossiping as well! Thank you Winnie for organising everything plus the games!

Pressie time! Equipped with heart shaped balloons and all!

Me and the well organised organiser, Winnie

Winnie preparing the GUESS THE BABY game. We were supposed to bring our baby pictures and guess who they are. They couldnt guess Ronnie's pic! hee hee

Me and Pei Li with our gift baskets

The gals!

We played some fun games – gosh gals can really get competitive man! Anyway I did walk away with some winnings so all’s good. We had to guess the circumference of our protruding waists (gosh that was funny because we had no clue!) Was I now bigger than my husband’s pants size (secret!!! dont worry hubby i wont spill all on my blog!) or not?

But I guess my guess was great – right on the spot! I was (then) exactly 35 inches round the waist (what waist!?).

Thanks girls for the wonderful shower and thanks Nellie Belly and Sarina for the mini baby shower we had last week. Awesome times!

I’m off til my next post from Down Under. Muah Muah Muah to all!


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