At your doorstep!!! – no, still must wait!

My rumbling tummy woke me up this morning. I dont know what it is – the water, the food, the weather? Adelaide makes me sleepy, and sleep I do.

However, the tummy reigns so I was up this morning with my ‘shaved ham + jam + toast + cereal’ regular australian fanfare while watching some news (CNN world report is the only good thing to watch in the morning) – albeit it is a tad bit depressing to learn about the haphazard political breakdowns in Thailand, Myanmar and Nepal when I’m trying to start my day fresh and wholesome! Switched channels and was stuck watching Marley & Me for the 100th time on rerun.

Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang (its loud!) and me and the baby jumped, of course.

The TNT Courier man (burly and all Australian, very chirpy) handed me a white TNT package with much pomp and circumstance. “Oh this is an exciting morning! From Apple Computers!” And there it was written in tiny, fine print “Apple Pty Ltd”

I signed the receipt (computerised now) and joined in in his enthusiasm. “Oh I’m sure Ronnie will be very excited with whatever’s in this package!” Hubby is sleeping now so I’ll take that, thank you very much.

I have a strict policy not to open other people’s mail but this was too good to ignore. I set it aside for a while, wrote some emails then, as if it was calling me, I grabbed a scissors and it was free for all.

The package (ripped), all I got was several small (famous pearly, matte white) boxes.

One said “iPad Dock”. OK…

Another said “iPad” Camera connection kit. OK….

The last was a packet “iPad dock connector to VGA Adapter”. OK…

(and there were two of each of the above)

So where’s the iPad(s)??? Is one for muaaaa???? *Excited*

Looks like my evil twin has done it again – he’s got his hands on another new toy (that will last 2 fortnight’s worth of interest, I’m sure) to play with (just to while away time til the baby comes, I’m equally sure).

I had imagined taking the package and jumping on the bed shouting “Merry Christmas! Wake up wake up!” Looks like the jumping will have to wait til the iPad does arrive….til then, its just me and sleepy Adelaide.


2 thoughts on “At your doorstep!!! – no, still must wait!

  1. After those two fortnights, can I have just one of them? Or if you’re both really so sick of the toy, hand them both over. I’m sure Grace and I can stretch our enthusiasm just a tad bit longer… 2 years perhaps? :p

    Have fun, it’s a swell toy. (yes, sure you can do work on it… *rolls eyes*)

  2. Hey Alex the Backpacker – I will brief u alllll about the Ipad when we get it. The TNT courier ppl missed us twice already so we are still waiting!!!

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