Vernie’s 1st Anniversary Memorial

A year on earth is probably a passing second in Heaven. We miss you Vern!

Its May 30th, 2010 – exactly a year from Vern’s passing. Numerous people have asked me how I felt about the approaching first anniversary of my brother Vernie’s death.

I was planning the content of my blog post today regarding Vern’s first memorial and braved delving into Pandora’s box once again – his picture treasure trove, for today’s post.

The sordid details of the day after Vern’s accident is still very fresh in my mind. But they are memories that I squeeze into the smallest, darkest, locked corner of my mind, to which the key is dangling in the keyhole. A small twist of the key may open all the skeletons in that closet and come tumbling out, so I have to be careful with it.

I hadn’t given his first memorial anniversary date much thought –  everyday that Vern is not here is the same to me, not just today. I, however, refuse to be sad, teary eyed or depressed today even though there is an unexplained heaviness in my heart today.

The reasons we should rejoice today is because God has called us back to him and the past year has been filled with small and wonderful miracles that tells me that God is real. And that we will most definitely see Vern in heaven one day.


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