Notes to Vern

I was surfing FB today and linked up to Vernie’s page. I wondered if anyone else remembered Vern’s first memorial. Looks like he is still in everyone’s thoughts. Its so nice to know that everyone remembers him and leaves him little notes on his FB. Some of his friends have put down lovely words and meaningful ones apt of young teenagers.

Irwin Tan Dude… 1 year already man…. still miss ya… =)
i bet your sure rocking with the fairies and angels now… haha

Sophira Chong Like simple things you can’t see, but are heartfelt- You’re here with us somehow, Hayashi Vernosuke. I still miss you. And I always will.

Julian Chin Time flies, it has already been a year without you around. It still impacts me that there is no chance to see you again in this lifetime but, I still believe you are here with us. In our memories and our hearts. Truly, whenever I think back it always reassures me what a great friend you have been to me and so many othe…r people.

It is unfair that you had to leave so that we may learn the value of life and friendship.So here is to you, I hope to see you again.

Julian Chin

Terry Lai It’s about time.. Feels like years have passed, sorry to say. I still think about you though, especially when I see a nice bike, ahaha. Thanks for the ever present reminder of our own mortality and of the value of true friends.. Life truly is short. It’s sad that this had to happen to serve as a wake up call.

Of all our… friends, I have always thought of you as the indestructible one. Life’s odd.
See you in a couple of hours mate. Lots of love and missing you dearly.

Yewy Ong Its been a Year, and Im sure the years to come will fly by.. I miss you Hayashi Vernosuke your friendship was priceless and will always be treasured.

Sue Ann Missing you, Vern. ♥

Toh Yu Jin Yu vern! Guess what? I’m getting better in guitar!!! Muahaha! Well..not really..You must be laughing at me right now..Lol. But it’s okay! You know what..Some day I’m gonna be as good as you! Someday! Probably like..100 years later..!! Heeee! Love and miss you always! 🙂

Sophira Chong VEEEEE. I just got back from Suju omg. I was wishing you were there but come to think of it, you were–in my thoughts. It was awesome. I wonder if you saw it from up there ;D
Missing you, always!


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