Pregnancy + iPad milestone #1253446


Oh the dreaded stretch marks have made a grand entrance. 3 or 4 little, red, angry marks each about 1cm long (looking like scratch marks) on the left and right sides of my protruding belly. I have renewed with vigor my once-lukewarm passion of rubbing Clarins Body Treatment Oil on my tummy.

And I thought I could be ‘excused’ from it as it wearing on 32 weeks (out of 40) now and i had a perfect, shiny belly (ignoring the less than flattering Linea Nigra or dark hormone line that snakes down the middle of your tummy). As the pregnancy wears on, I realise that sleep is harder (sleeping flat on my back makes me continously feel like peeing, right side is OK for a while left is better).

My ever kind and loving hubby had done some research and ordered online (where else does he shop?) a BELLYBEAN maternity pillow ( Its a number 8-shaped pillow which can be used several ways. Mainly you can lie in the middle and the pillow on the left and right supports your tummy when you sleep. I found it uncomfortable and didnt use it but now it works as an excellent “lum cheem” (or bolster) cos the middle part is empty and thats exactly where my tummy goes!

The Bellybean maternity pillow. Pic from Does she look comfortable to you?

As time drags on by (ever so slowly) I find myself wanting to ‘get it over with already’ as fast as I can. The fear of labour (pains) recedes as I get more material on it. I also consistently psycho myself to think that most women out there experience it anyway, include our mothers!

I was invited to the SATC2 premier in KL on June 2nd but lamented that I wouldnt be in town to attend. For those not living on this planet, SATC2 = Sex and the City 2, the Movie. But no fear, TONIGHT is the night hubby and I are going to watch it – what else can we do at night in Adelaide?

In other news, we received yet another package today from TNT express couriers – I waited patiently by the door and called out to the courier man “Is it from APPLE Computers?”


Two iPad cases only. With no Ipad in sight (rather, on hand)! The suspense continues. I suspect this is a crucial part of Apple’s ingenious marketing strategy – keep ’em waiting, send it all in parts, keep them foaming at the mouth etc etc etc.

Oh well, the wait continues…..


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