The burning fire

I am waiting with great anticipation for the 2010 French Open Ladies Singles Finals match happening in a few minutes- a big thing in Australia as their golden girl Sam Stosur for the first time is attempting to create history by winning the grand slam – so here I am blogging.

It is rare for me to be blogging on a Saturday night – I suspect my readers know this and not many people log on on weekends but here’s today’s 2 cents anyway – after all, I’m in sleepy Adelaide!

The ‘Bear Grylls’ (Man Vs Wild) in my hubby surfaced recently – he kick-started the fireplace in our Adelaide house for the first time ever. We got firewood from the local petrol station, some firestarters and long matches and voila, my hubby had the fire going for the first time. Now the fire has been burning every night for the past week (he is very proud of his fire making skills). If I can’t find him anywhere in the house, he is always by the fire, poker in hand and going “poke poke” at the wood.

He sits back on the carpet in front of the fireplace and admires the flames, dancing away. He is usually quite mesmerised by the fire and said to me numerous times “Check out my fire. I’m expert now!” Once the fire dies off, he goes “poke poke” and then he says excitedly “Did you see that?!” as the dying embers suddenly roar to life again. Quite amazing.

I cant help but wonder if burning wood is in anyway environmentally unfriendly. A bag of logs sells at AUD25 for 2 bags (with about 15 pcs of small logs inside). A bag can last 2-3 days.

Anyway, its the simple things in life that matters. A little new activity can generate excitement, feeling of satisfaction, get some happy endorphins happening, putting a smile on (tw0) faces…..what more can we ask for sometimes?

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