The dreaded LDRs

You know what’s great about winter? The marsh mellows and hot chocolate by the fire, the lovely furry ugg boots (or any kind of boots), eating and sleeping!

Whats not so great in winter? the cold tiles, the part you peel off your clothes to have a shower, the electrifying cold toilet seats, shivering in the car after dinner and finally the worst thing: Goodbyes.

I had to say goodbye (OK so its a one week goodbye, but still a goodbye) to hubby who left for KL-China this week. It reminded me of the painful goodbyes when we were (unmarried) in a long distance relationship (fondly known as LDR). I used to say I really hate airports (when I’m seeing someone off) because the attack of loneliness hits the moment you watch your loved one walk past the x-ray machines and disappear round the corner. THEN the lonely drive home and the empty house to return to. (COLD empty house, if its winter)

And then its back to all the long distance symptoms i.e. keeping the phone right by the bed, checking it every hour to see if there’s a message or call, spending time writing emails (longer than 2 paragraphs long) and then checking your emails every other hour for a reply. Then the figuring out how to spend your meals alone and actually filing up your organiser with activities to take your mind off missing your other half.

Its worse if your other half is in another time zone. Luckily we are only now 1.5hours apart, but imagine him in Russia or Europe or America. Then there is the ‘rushing home at a particular time’ to make sure you’re home for that cosy talk on the phone (especially before bed – its a must!).

Then its back to skype and msn chats and whatever that fills that void of your missing partner. And this is only possible if that particular country has dependable and moderately acceptable speeds of broadband. If not, your face looks unpleasantly distorted and it may hang mid-sentence while you are in an unflattering position (i.e. mouth open, eyes half closed like a zombie, nostrils flared, etc ) (not impressionable at all…uh uh uh).

And that nerve wracking moment when you receive your phone bills and almost faint at the 3 (sometimes 4) digit payable amount? Then the stacks of phone cards. Speaking of phone cards – the badddd quality reception with 5 second lags make conversations alittle hard, isn’t it? Oh the frustration!

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

And then! Counting the days, marking the calendar until the next time you are due to see your other half. The excitement the night before (cannot sleep) and that horrible pimple that seems to always pop up (at a real obvious spot – for example, on the nose or just above your lip, of course!) just a day before you are due to see your boyfriend. The epitome of Murphy’s law! Then back again to the dreaded airport to pick him up – only now you go to the airport with adrenalin pumping and all – ARRIVALS not DEPARTURES, yay!

Then the cycle repeats itself until the final night again before your partner is DUE TO LEAVE, whereby, you find yourself agitated, getting the blues already and again, CANNOT SLEEP!

So yes, if you are always on tenterhooks or your digestive system acts up when you are in an LDR – I understand completely. Imagine the stress on your heart!

Does anyone know what I’m taking about!!!???


4 thoughts on “The dreaded LDRs

  1. I know! I can so relate this to my previous LDR! Esp the lag (when using phone card) n nasty pimples just bfore the next ‘reunion’… Hehe

    be strong babe! Wish we are there with you..

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