The sun shines bright


The sun is shining, the trees are smiling, the air is fresher than ever, my mind is back to being more or less acutely sharp, I can now look forward to better sleep and the world is right again!

The hubby is back with me and my life reaches a comfortable equilibrium which was missing for the past 7 long days.

I havent written in a few days – which I reckon was due to a couple of reasons:

1. I have been out each day shopping for the house with my MIL

2. My emotions have been rather stagnant and flat – thus, I wasnt creatively inspired in any way other than looking for things to do to cover the boredom without my twin (that, and my ever demanding bowel needs)

Now my twin is back in OZ and is glued to the TV for the South Africa 2010 World Cup – but I’m just happy he is now ‘where he belongs!’

Our baby will be at the 34 week mark in the coming week – wow, 34 weeks already!! Another 6 weeks to go? Pregnancy websites even advise that its about time for me to start packing my labour bag. A moment I thought would be ‘ages’ to go.

Yesterday there was a doco on MTV called “16 and pregnant” TSK TSK TSK. They showed the whole labour process for this 16 year old blonde girl who opted for an epidural, so there was no screaming. The doctor told her – “push like you are going to have the biggest ‘poop’ in your life”.

Its quite remarkable isnt it – cos I’ve been having “trouble with my bowels” I’m familiar with the pushing already (even though pregnancy books say ‘leave the pushing for labour day’). FYI – the girl on TV gave up her baby boy for adoption 2 – 3 days later.

So it is with some trepidation I face labour day yet it is exciting – also, I just want it ‘over with’. Thank goodness the fear has abated – I read that it’s nature’s way that the mother is usually very calm when labour starts.

I pray everyday for God to give me strength and calmness during that time – I could very well imagine myself in dramatic hysterics – and clenching hubby’s hands with a death grip the whole time. Do include me in your prayers!

And last but not least – congratulations to my mates Pei Li and Boon Hwee on the arrival of their new little baby girl!

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