Project Runway

Hello! My blog is anothing but robust at the moment – must be the dreary weather outside! My excuse this time (weather pun not included) is the fact that I am currently addicted to watching continuous episodes of Project Runway.

Why have I never caught a full episode on TV before, I really wonder? Its amazing to watch creative (and some not so creative) people be given US$250, 30 minutes to by material and 2 days to create something genuine and spectacular and according to theme. Its an American Idol of sorts. The designer plays it too safe – and the judges are not impressed. When the designer takes a risk, he or she is risking being at the bottom 3 of elimination round because there just wasnt enough time to construct the thing. But I suppose its not called a competition for nothing!

I do have a pet peeve about the show though – while in Season 7, Ms Heidi Klum is preggers and showing off her pregnancy fashions to a T, I can’t help but realise (after the 10th episode) that when she makes any appearances, she always repeats the same lines! Even I can repeat it: (Elimination round)

Quote Heidi 1 (Elimination introduction) “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next, you’re out”

Quote Heidi 2 (After Designers given a chance to explain) “OK, now we’ve heard your story, we are (looking at the judges) going to have a little chat. You may leave the runway”

Quote Heidi 3 (After judges’ deliberation) “I think we have made our decision (looks at judges, judges all must nod) – lets bring out the designers”

There are many other lines which she repeats like clockwork throughout the show.

Judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum*

This is season 7 (the latest) and each season there are about 14 episodes – each episode for season 6 and 7, she has been repeating those same lines (or close to it). Doesnt she or the other judges get bored?Its worthwhile to note that Heidi is also an Executive Producer on the show.

Anyhow, pet peeve aside, I’m off to continue my knee jerking, nail biting, eye popping Project Runway saga.


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