Apple mania

I am going to blog about a non-event in my non-eventful life. I see the calendar on my blog and find the days slipping past so quickly, each day without an update to my blog.

Well today our baby furniture + hubby’s new toy was delivered to our doorstep. The new toy being a new TV on which he can play his Final Fantasy XIII. It was high time for one, I conceded, since the old plasma TV was getting ancient and was more than 10 years old. We were quite amazed at what HD really meant!

In other news, YES the iPad(s) has/have finally arrived – with my hubby happily tapping away on it while he sits on his balcony. We even have an application called “Baby Names” which allows you to choose from 50,000 names (only 50,000?) and then list those we like as favourites.

The famed iPad*

The old name game. I am getting very nervous as time passes and inches closer to the D-date. We still have not agreed on ANY names – seems there are SOME things we totally do not have in common. We spend 30 mins per night before bedtime going through names and eliminating those one of us have shortlisted but the other hates!

I have to admit that the iPad is kinda cool – some of the applications are quite interesting. I had felt that it was something someone wouldn’t really ‘need’ other than the fact it looks and feels cool in your hands. At the moment, it’s a very “LOOK AT ME!!!” item, I would say…

I have come across people who swear “You will NEVER catch me with an APPLE item! Never am I gonna jump on THAT bandwagon with the rest of the followers in the world!”

My hubby was (is) a big Apple fan who had introduced to me my first Ipod when we first met, after just about 5 generations of ipods had come and gone. I’m quite slow to pick these things up, obviously. He exclaims “But you just have to own a piece of this, its iconic!” I usually get his ‘hand me downs’ – the first gen Iphone, the macbookpro (which no kidding, the battery pack i think exploded on me).

I reminded him that someone once wrote an article or did a study on APPLE users. The survey said that these people (at one time) belonged to a group of people who were more pre-disposed to be found sitting at Starbucks surfing the net with a smug look on their faces.

HHMMM…just sayin’!!!!


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