Our bugaboo

As I mentioned in my last post, some of our baby nursery furniture, pram included, has arrived – finally after 12 weeks! The wizard will now use her magic wand and put together the baby pram – which, now looks like this!

The bits to our new pram

Doesn’t look too complicated hey? Something a 35 week pregnant woman can do? I think I will leave the nuts and bolts to the husband, after all, he doesn’t have a bump to contend with. His knees don’t creak and threaten to crack when bending, neither does he take 30 seconds in slow-mo to change from a squatting position to a standing position.

Our canopy for the carrycot (or bassinet) is a nice red colour (did we reckon it was a unisex colour?) with the base material being a dark gray. You can choose from various colours for the canopy thus they called it ‘customised’.  Our pram weighs about 12kgs in all (thats 6 regular 14 inch laptops) minus baby weight, Oh oh!!! But the frame itself weights about 9kgs (minus the seat/carrycot which will be removed before the frame is folded).

Will we use our Bugaboo that much?? Is it worth the investment as claimed and fussed by many a mums (and dads) on the strollersandprams.com website? Yet to be known. BTW, you can apparently purchase one on E-Bay for half the retail price – but you dont know where it’s been so I would be slightly apprehensive to put our baby in it. Anyway, this thing should be amortised over four (4) years per baby for a minimum of two (2) babies. It better last!!!

3 thoughts on “Our bugaboo

  1. Alex – I need to do some research!! i know it was made in some Scandinavian country but NOOOO its written in BIG print on the side of the box! MADE IN CHINA! hahaha

  2. Hey Sue Ann! From what i hear from friends own the bugaboo, it’s worth the investment. Because of how light it is compared to some other strollers, it will help alot especially if you’re out with your baby by yourself. My sis always told me that you need to find a stroller that fits you, because you’re the one who will be carrying and moving around with the baby alot, so the simpler and lighter the stroller is, the better.

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