The cot builder

A sniffling Kevin Rudd is making a going-out speech at the moment – he is thanking for the Australians who have supported him. If you havent seen the news yet today, you may not know that Kevin Rudd has ‘stepped down’ as PM of Australia today and will be replaced by the DPM, Ms Julia Gillard. Something that has not happened in the past 19 years.

So while he speaks rather haltingly with pauses in between (hubby claims Kevin Rudd cried this morning – dont know how he gets his info), I’m here blogging about the next phase in our nursery building. Hubby took out his tool kit (I jest) and fixed up our baby cot yesterday. It was fairly simple, I sniffed, all you needed was really the Allen L key.

The cot builder

And the finished product (image from the net)


We have alot of stuff in PINK PINK PINK – im actually quite nauseated by baby pink already to be honest! Pink sheets, pink blanket, pink towel, pink pillows…PINK PINK PINK!!! I think I will dress our baby girl in grays, blues, green and orange alongside white, of course!

As the weeks plod along, sleep is something hard to come by. My sleeping patterns are not excellent. If I do some chores during the day I feel tired by 930pm. But if I were to go to bed at that time, I would wake up at about 2am. Sigh – the simple act of turning from my left to my right side in bed is also hard work! And did I mention the MULTI-PASS to the loo every 2 hours at night! I’m also getting a fair bit of Braxton Hicks contractions whereby my tummy hardens and becomes a weird shape for about 30 seconds. Apparently, my uterus is practicing for the SHOW. Luckily its still painless at this stage.

Complaints aside, I am feeling great!


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