Baby capsule

Babies are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a rain. Congratulations to our friends KK and Li Yin on the arrival of their baby girl, Kaitlyn, today!

Makes me all the more excited and eager to meet our baby girl too (obviously name withheld because we haven’t decided!).

I had a great time doing baby clothes shopping again today…..its June and its massive stocktake clearance sales on in Adelaide – irresistible prices. So things are discount upon already reduced prices and you know how much I love a good bargain. So satisfying! I’d come home with the goods and force the hubby to play the ‘guess how much!!??’ game. He would play along and name me a ridiculously low price, to which I will roll my eyes and say “Not THAT cheap!” I know he just does it to spoil my fun. Next time I’m going to buy something ridiculously expensive and play the game! haha.

It is amazing how cute and adult-like these baby sweaters, coats and jackets can be. But the price is adult-price too! Once again I looked through our current bank of baby clothes – some of which my mother had handed down to me from me and my brothers’ newborn months! Amazing eh?

Our baby change table arrived today so our little basic nursery is more or less complete now. Some people have asked me…do you really need a change table? Well, my answer – I dont know! The change table has also got 2 shelves below it so it would be great for storage too.

Last week we added a baby capsule/infant carrier (or to be more technically correct, its called a baby TRAVEL System) in which to carry the baby around to our nursery. The cons are that the baby usually outgrows the thing by 6 months so we didnt want to splurge yet we wanted one that could fit on our Bugaboo pram. The variety of baby capsules in Australia (maybe Adelaide?) are pretty limited (maybe due to their high safety laws and requirements for baby car travel) so we basically didnt have much of a choice in selection.

We ended up with:

Peg Perego Prima Viaggio Tri Fix

I dont think this bulky thing would be a joy to carry – I’ll leave the carrying to the husband since I have been carrying the baby for 9 months – it only seems fair!

I’ll be in a better position to do a product(s) review after the baby comes so I cant say more.

I know my blog’s been baby-esque recently – well so far thats the only eventful thing happening in our lives, so bear with me til D Day!


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