The Karate Kid

The karate kid.

My all time favourite childhood crush on Daniel Larusso in the 1984 version of the Karate Kid – leading to over and over repeats of the tape then. So obviously I’m well versed with the sequences of both Karate Kid 1 and 2. I couldnt help comparing the old school version to the new one starring little cutesy Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. I guess the new karate kid is really a children’s movie – Jackie Chan or not.

Do you remember the ever famous whatchumacall-it butterfly arms 1 leg kick stance in the original karate kid movie *

And the highlight of the new karate kid 2010 movie? The part where sifu Jackie Chan trains Jaden Smith to hang up his jacket (put it on, take it off, hang it up, put it on, take it off, hang it up!) for days on end. This is a fantastic training lesson for my hubby so he’d pick up his clothes off the floor on a daily basis!

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in the Karate Kid 2010*

Unfortunately, there wasnt a butterfly 1 leg kick in the new version, neither was there a wax on, wax off scene either!


5 thoughts on “The Karate Kid

  1. The CRANE woman, the CRANE, not the butterfly! Which butterfly stands on one leg larr… I’m your brother and I get to abuse your inaccuracies to fuel your embarassing moments! hahaha

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