Ante Natal Class

Its really hard waking up early on a wintry morning! Nothing a HOT HOT morning shower can’t cure. Today was the full day ante natal class workshop for Ronnie and I and we managed to get there right on time. There were at least 10 other couples there (including 2 pairs of Mother-daughters). Only 1 other asian lady was on her own (and at 38 weeks pregnant too!)

We started out wearing our name tags “Sue-Ann” and “Ronnie” (dunno how the Ronnie nametag ended up on my right sleeve later…..

Then we had to do the good ol’ ice breaking procedure – Hello my name is XX, I am XX weeks pregnant, this is our XXth (usually first) baby. The husbands were expected to tell the whole room how different it was living with a pregnant lady.

One husband said he had turned into a masseur on a daily basis (I gave Ron the evil eye – see, other husbands do it daily!!!). Another husband said he was being squeezed out of bed due to all the pillows his now pregnant wife needed (another evil eye to Ron, it was the other way round for me cos Ron loves his pillows!). Most husbands complained about the mood swings they had to endure but another husband truthfully said “But the mood swings were nothing out of the norm even before pregnancy!”

We even had group interactive work, answering questions etc. Then the course facilitator showed us a plastic version of the pelvic bone and a fake baby. The baby had to squeeze through that pelvis – it was an awfully tight fit and most of the ladies looked worried, including me.

We went through the 3 stages of labour – whereby the facilitator drew smiley faces at each stage. But as the labour went along, the smiley face became very sour and angry-looking. I’m glad she told the husbands to expect that!

Then we discussed the various methods of pain relief. Nitrous Oxide or gas, Pethidine and Epidural. The one with the epidural showed a mother being strapped to various contraptions and machines with IV drip, fetal monitor, catheter, contraction monitor and the catheter for administering the doses (strapped to the mother’s shoulder).

Then the delivery process itself. The husband will be allowed to decide if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord. The facilitator said it was like cutting a piece of ‘calamari’!

Toward the end of the first half of the day, Ronnie had gone on multiple toilet breaks, fidgeted around and yawned just about every 5 minutes. Well, I can’t say I wasn’t bored either but at least I participated and managed to look interested – most of the information we had already known via pregnancy books and websites. So we took flight after lunch – not before we took the hospital tour, though. We had the chance to look at a delivery suite and that was quite comforting for me.

Next week our baby will be FULL Term. Then it would be “any day now”. I hope she doesnt take her own sweet time in coming out! Her kicking and prodding is really persistent – my tummy has a life of its own!


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