My blog is drier than a desert.

I am back to my blog, recently being terribly UN-inspired by the lack of events in my life other than keeping tabs on the time I’m sleeping and the amount of walking I have each day plus my bowel movements. My other half hogs the TV most of the time with his new Ps3 game “Modern Warfare 2” which is he trying to finish in record time. Not that watching repeats on FOXTEL is any fun either. I can only stomach so much of E! entertainment and old reruns of FRIENDS.

I have been indulging in a bit of ‘chic lit’ lately, i.e. novels for young women mostly romantic – books that are read by 20 year olds. I must remind myself sometimes that I’m pushing 30! (which is the new 20’s I HEARD – and like to believe) and having a baby soon. Will my life ever be the same again? Do you think my ‘old life’ could resume itself magically after baby comes? What a minute – I cannot recall my old life anymore, anyway!

I finally got the chance to watch TWILIGHT’s 3rd installment – Eclipse, yesterday. Apparently, tickets were fully sold a month before in Melbourne. After watching it last night, I really dont know what the fuss is all about! I get goosebumps (not in a good way) when I see Kristen Stewart’s romantic scenes with R-Patz and subsequently with the constantly shirtless Taylor Lautner. (By the way, I’m for team Edward while Ronnie is for team Jacob – the underdog sympathy syndrome its called).

The movie was slow (not as slow as the previous New Moon, fortunately – which didn’t even warrant a trip to the cinema) and draggy and the action scenes were too short. Too much Bella and Edward mooning about, I’ll say. Maybe I was drawn to the amazing fact that these 3 young kids are up to earn about US$25 m (thereabouts or more) each for this movie! What is a teenager to do with so much dough? Don’t tell me you receiving USD25m in your bank account (literally overnight) will not change you or change your outlook in life just a little bit?

Enough Jacob-Edward, Jacob-Edward already!*

Whats with the onslaught of Vampire movies lately? We just watched another DVD called Daybreakers – whereby the whole world turns into vampires and there are only a few humans left and how they defended the planet. What is this attraction to vampires? I blame it all on Edward (R-Patz) and that smouldering eye look.

One thought on “Vampires

  1. Hi Sue-Ann! How are you doing? I hope you managed to settle into Australia well and managed to make some friends too. Are you attending a church there?

    We miss you all the way from Malaysia and hope to see you again really really soon!

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