The case of the NERO Baby Capsule (UPDATED)

Oh 2 posts in a day – what are the odds! We were just told that the Baby Capsule we ordered in black is sold out. Weird that we were told like 2 weeks after the order, but now we’ve got a replacement, which also looks kinda nice.

The "Gala" pattern - closest to black...

Sometimes, when you want something plain i.e. plain black, you dont get it! Bye bye Audrey Hepburn look – hello Mel Gibson from Braveheart.


2 hours later, the lady at the store calls to say…SORRY! We dont have it in GALA (above) either! So nothing in black. Out of the 6 original colour choices we had, we are now left with the 2 most unpreferred colours. A dark brown which looks like granny’s handbag and a bright orange which is ….bright. Considering we have only a couple of weeks to go I feel kinda annoyed we were cornered into getting something that doesnt suit our fancy very much as the other colours will only get in mid-August! MID AUGUST! There is seriously something wrong with the Peg Perego Supply Chain system in Australia!


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