Oh Oh – Bionic is not my cup of tea!

My all time bestest, most favourite singer Ms Christina Aguilera has released her new album (the latest since her last release of “Back to Basics” 4 years ago in 2006). So as you can see, being a Aguilera fan (since “Genie in a Bottle”!) and before her evolution into what she is today, is not easy. You have to wait at least 4 years for each album to be released, and the during the long wait, I play her old albums over and over – can’t seem get sick of it.

So what do I do when Ms Aguilera releases a newalbum? I run to the store, grab it off the shelf, put some dollars on the counter, hug it to my chest and run home with it.

Her new Bionic album. Even the picture looks highly photoshopped and mechanical.

Her Bionic album was famously No 1 on the UK charts for just about 2 seconds, falling to no 17 or something within a couple of weeks. The reviews for her album was poor and apparently, she postponed her new tour due to poor ticket sales response. Oh OH OH, Christina! What have you done???

She prides herself as an evolutionary artist and in her own words, she likes to “shock”. Well to me, her new album did come as a shock. OF.ALL.THE.GENRES.TO.CHOOSE. She had to go for Electronica. I’m not the kind to fancy electronic sounding music, acidic type of house music or anything without a proper melody or beat. And this is what she achieves with her new album. Out of the 18 songs on the album, so far I only like 1, and just about fancy another 1. The rest to me, doesn’t really sound like proper Christina Aguilera music. GREAT! Now I have to wait another 4 years for the next album, hoping it doesnt suck as much as this one.

Her first album was very bubblegum-britney spears-pop back in the day, and she came back with a spanish album (which was good) and then her “Stripped” album which was fantastic! And then Back to Basics (also very good effort – but not as highly liked as “Stripped” which is my favourite).

Perhaps she is constantly trying to do too many new things. All her albums were severely different and up to the last album, it was pleasantly different. Now she’s gone and done something tragic to her choice of music. All except the 1 song I love which echoes the style of her past favourite hits. Click below to hear it.


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