Pregnancy update

As the days pass, my tummy seems to be getting more and more enormous and harder to the touch. Must be alot of baby in there. A couple of weeks to go and while two weeks ago, my weight stabilised but yesterday at the doctor’s, I found I had put on another 2 kg!

Now when baby moves, its not so much of kicking and punching but alot of squirming. She’s (oh oh) active at night and she sleeps late – like her father. Or maybe she is tap dancing in there to the tune of her father’s snoring (and I would know because I’m also tuned into Radio “Snore” FM).

I get heaps of Braxton Hicks contractions lately, and especially at night – it makes me wanna go do no.1 so I’m off to the toilet at least 5 times per night. I will sleepily shuffle on my furry home slippers in the dark (the toilet tiles are cold) and walk to the toilet like a zombie and then back into bed with a groan or sigh of relief.

However, I’m proud to say I have only gotten a total of 4-5 calf cramps throughout the pregnancy with only 1 of them being a super-monsta-mama cramp whereby I couldnt straighten my leg out myself. The calf ache was still there the whole of the next day!

Now, going into the final lap of the ‘race’ – I’m dreading labour day (fear of the unknown) and praying that everything will be smooth and dandy. I also dread the recovery period or confinement of 30 days. During confinement, the mother is not supposed to either bathe or wash her hair without the herbal water (which doesnt smell fantastic either). If these things don’t give the poor, harried new mother more propensity to go into a post-natal-depression, I dont know what will!

I was quite adamant to break the rules midway but having heard real life “migrane” and “the chills” stories from friends and other mothers, I had resigned myself to follow the tradition strictly.

Yesterday, when I saw the doctor, he laughed off the confinement tradition in 2 seconds and said “What about the Caucasians!? They dont do it! There is no scientific evidence to prove it”. My doctor is an Asian from Hong Kong. HMM…maybe I MAY break the rules then if I can’t stand it. Could my husband stand it? No smell-kisses for 1 month my friend!

In a fit of desperation, I went out to buy some dry shampoo – the spray kind. As a test run (quite a pathetic one) I did not wash my hair for 2 whole days then used the dry shampoo and waited another day. My scalp felt abit grimy and it itched abit after 3 days – I can’t last 3 days, let alone 30! 30 days without washing your hair will probably leave you feeling mentally tortured and scarred for life! Ok, so I’m dramatising the whole thing… but you get the picture. Lets see what happens…


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy update

  1. Sue… cramps: the “super-monsta-mama cramp” – I totally know how that feels! HORRIBLE!!!

    Not washing your hair for 30 days: well, i can tell ya from my own experience of not washing for 22 days (you remember those days when I was crazy enough to live in a car?), the first 3 days you’ll feel terrible. But after 7 days, your hair turns from greesy to shining with natural oil! There’s some natural softness in there…haha! But then again you can’t take my word for it. Afterall, my sanity could come into question after all those days in the car :p Do share with me later how you feel during the confinement ok? I want to know everything from labour to post 30 days!! Love you dearie couz! All the best!

  2. Hello coz…wah the thought of it looking really slick and healthy after the 7th day is so comforting! haha…but i think the smell would be nauseating!!! how are you doing with your pregnancy….???

  3. 6th months now and counting… baby actively kicking and thank goodness I can say goodbye to that horrible nauseating feeling. Haven’t bought anything yet. But I’m considering the Peg Perego pram (they are having promo now in Mid Valley!)

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