39 weeks and ticking.

I feel as if this waiting for baby is all I can think of, all I can talk about. I have dreams about it. Last night I dreamt I had given birth (minus the labour part) and the baby was in the crib. Try as I might, I didnt see a single resemblance of the baby to hubby OR me, and I told the confinement lady that. Finally, I looked down at my tummy and noticed, HEY, I’M STILL PREGNANT! THIS IS NOT MY BABY! in the dream. Hilarious, right?

Another 8 days to go people, and every day (in intervals of minutes) I’m keeping an ‘eye’ out for any of the signs of pre-labour. Its like Donkey saying to Shrek “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

For instance, earlier today I told hubby – I’m feeling some crampiness in my abdomen. They say it starts with some menstrual cramp feeling. I had it for about 5 minutes and told him – Hey! Really-lah, its not going away!

I went to the toilet, did a pee and came back – the feeling was gone. Oh well!

I asked hubby today…can we go for a honeymoon after the baby comes? like to the beach or something??? pretty please?

Ron says in mock horror…but Darling! what about your stretch marks?? (I have been noticing an increase of this lately and he has heard the fair share of complaints about it from me…)

I rolled my eyes and said I can wear a one piece suit, duh! (but I guess I would still have to ‘suck it in’)

Then I realise that it may be a good 9 months (hopefully not 9 years and two tummy tucks) that I can frolic around in a bikini ever again. Heidi Klum is my motivator and inspiration! She can model in Victoria Secret lingerie 2 months after giving birth and she’s had 4 ((FOUR!!!) kids.


3 thoughts on “Tick-ing

  1. Hey,

    Soon the pregnancy will be over and you will be busy as a bee with the baby.
    Don’t worry too much for the stretch mark, i’m sure it’s all worth it.
    Use some scare removing oil/cream to remove them and you will soon hit the beach once again.

  2. Hi babe, your mum can zip up into her hotpants in just 2 weeks and go to the market…..and the same through all her 3 babies..!!! All the supermodels cannot beat that. Hehehehe

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