The Capsule is in

As a continuation to the baby capsule saga (how interesting! you comment drily) – we finally got the car seat fitted in – in the infamous bright orange colour, unfortunately. My hubby liked the colour – he was pleased with it – he must be channeling his inner Jackson Pollock and not inner Audrey Hepburn (oh well!).

The baby shop we went to called Baby Junction near here assisted us, rather taught us how to fit the seat in under 10 minutes. They say the safest position is rear facing, in the centre of the car so as to avoid any side impact upon (touch wood) any collision from the sides.

Ron and I aren’t used to having babies in our lifes (yet – but that is quickly changing with the amount of baby stuff piling up at home) and I find the car seat to be absolutely monstrous in size and it takes up a fair bit of backseat room (and that colour screams I’M HERE!). Suffice to say the two people sitting at the back (to the left and right of the car seat) won’t be in the prime of comforts. If you had a smaller car, it would be harder and if your car only had 2 doors….welll……..since Ron’s car only has 2 doors, we had fitted this into my poor Mum-in-law’s car instead. You can quickly see who will be the Queen of the household soon….

The baby capsule fitted in the car

And the baby will be safely nestled within the capsule, belted up

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but this capsule only takes babies up to about 6 months old and it is the law in Australia that you can only transport a baby in the car with a carseat. You can’t take your baby home from the hospital without one. However, there are rented ones available but they look a grimy plasticky gray colour – abit depressing, really.

Well, another thing that came today is our new Valco rocking armchair (even comes with an ottoman that rocks too!) that we saw at Baby Junction. My chubby hubby was so impressed with it – this will be a great chair for rocking the baby or breastfeeding and it was alot cheaper than his dream chair, a La-Z-boy. (Anyway, I’m sure his ulterior motive is to sit in it while watching multiple episodes of Entourage or while playing Final Fantasy – I’m not dumb).

Of course we didnt get it in WHITE - are you mad???

Today is the first day that hubby is away overseas on business out of 5 days. I am holding the baby in until he gets back!


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