Baby talk

If my blog these days resemble a babycentre forum or bulletin board, do excuse me!

But I guess it is a major life changing event for me and I’m just riding through it with the help of my sound board here (made worse by the fact that hubby is away). Thank God I have not popped earlier than the due date – hubs is only due back with me tomorrow morning – I think the coast is clear and he should make it on time – unless I suddenly go into labour in the next 1 hour. I am doing ALLLLL I can not to stimulate the birth: not to much walking, not too much belly rubbing etc etc. Every little nudge makes my heart palpitate abit…especially when I am in my REM sleep mode.

So I’m stuck with continuous episodes of “The Little Nyonya” to fill up my time. A great effort, I must say, from Mediacorp, Singapore. The actors are wonderfully well groomed, handsome and pretty. All with porcelain complexions and lovely nyonya kebaya costumes.

Image from the internet

“The Little Nyonya” achieved extremely high ratings, with an average of 934,000 viewers during its 34-episode run, and peaking at 1.67 million viewers (33.8%) on the last episode. This series has recorded the highest viewership rating ever since 1994″ – WIKIPEDIA

I wouldnt say that the series is a fantastic one but I do applaud the effort! Keeps me company on long nights without hubs – I can’t complain.

Another 5 days til my due date! Its like an event you look forward to, yet feels like doomsday. Do you know what I mean?

A few of my friends have called the process of labour (amid other comforting words) – ‘quite a traumatic experience’. Other friends sail through it without much comment on the pain part and some have very mild words to say:….

“Dont worry, the pain is manageable”

“Its a positive pain!”

“Its just contractions, dont think of it as pain”

“You need the contractions to help deliver the baby”

“You can do it without epidural if our other friends can!”

“Our mothers all went through it, if not, YOU wouldn’t be here”

“You’ll forget about it the moment its over, and wish for another baby in the next 24 hours!”

“The easy part is the labour, the hard part is taking care of the baby!”

“It felt like one big poo and being the most constipated in your life”

“It will be alllllll worth it”

“It only takes about 8-12 days to recover from the stitches in your privates”

8-12 days!!! Could I take a sleep pill that only wakes me up after 8-12 days?


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