The eve

I havent blogged for a couple of days now – you may be wondering if I’m already in the hospital heaving and pushing for dear life but no – me still here, still pregnant, still waiting.

Today is the eve of my due date – and hardly any sign that our little one is coming today OR tomorrow. My chubby hubby claims tonight is THE night because there’s going to be a full moon tonight according to the Moon Charts. He even got me on the balcony of the house last night to look at the bigness and brightness of the moon. Of course, the theory has got to do with gravity or something or rather, I guess, but of course I laughed it off – SILLY!

My mother in law has offered to make any food I like to eat during the next couple of days because once I’m in confinement (that despicable word makes me cringe) – I wont be eating anything fancy other than food made with (as I understand it) rice and ginger wine with NO SALT as I was reminded by the confinement lady. I dont know if this is the norm but I would hate to be on the extreme side of the confinement tradition. Any point in it, other than to contribute to inklings of post-natal-blues?

So for the fact that

1. I’m not supposed to wash my hair or shower

2. Read books (because it will SPOIL my eyes, OMG)

3. Go outside and “chui fung”

4. Eat unsalted food

….for 30 days, including not sleeping in my own bed, having uterus contraction pains, breast pains, pains in the privates and tackling mid night feeds with baby – I just have this feeling I’m not going to be a very cheerful person. My only hope is that God will be there to keep my mind sane, cool and far from depressive thoughts. So I’m cherishing my last few days being pregnant – at least I can still eat what I want and do what I want – prolly along the same lines as what Lindsay Lohan was doing before she went to jail.

However, waiting for baby to come with my tummy this big isnt a walk in the park either. Braxton Hicks contractions are still in full swing and frequent (making me go to the toilet often), I get headaches at night and my joints are aching from the loosening for the preparation of labour.

So tonight I have got Nasi Briyani to eat, with Pappadums, Rendang and Curries (I can smell them from here) – after all, I don’t know when I will taste anything in my confinement food in the next 30 days. Chubby hubby and I have made out a list of food we want to eat when we get back to KL (and not in the following order):

1. Yakiniku and stuff at Munakata

2. Kayu Nasi Kandar

3. Roti Pisang

4. Nasi Lemak

5. Dae Sa Kwan korean (esp the Kimchi Jigae!)

6. O&S Har mee

7. Char Koay Teow SS2

8. Pork Ball Noodle

9. Kwan Loh Mee (at the following place)

10. Meng Kee Char Siew Chicken rice

I do have random thoughts of eating BAK CHANG, all kinds of Nyonya Kueh, Yong Tau Foo, Goreng Pisang, fried Lobak, Roti Jala and ALLLLL the other food we take for granted when we are in Malaysia.

So if you might wonder what a very pregnant, waiting-for-labour woman’s thoughts are….its past glory days and glory days to come after labour! But first, I have to PUSH!!!


5 thoughts on “The eve

  1. Wow… all the list of food is making me hungry. ;p
    Can’t wait to catch a glimpse of your baby princess … Gampate Okasan !!

  2. HI girls – there has been a sign that labour is imminent! Maybe the full moon thing really works! Dont think can make it for Sooj’s bday tho haha….it looks like either 29th, 30th, 31st or max August 1…..cannot be same as Juliet’s also haha

  3. Am loving this post… prolly coz I’m headed out to the top 10 places for food now :p

    I presume by now you’re a full-blown-had-a-big-tummy-but-is-now-smaller mummy, and I bid you lotsa peace as you battle the darn jail warden (someone needs a better term for confinement lady, as it really is akin to wardens, no? Or worse – you can wash your hair in jail, surely! How about post-natal-buddy – hahaha…).

  4. Alex – dont make my mouth water! I still havent popped so the jail warden doesnt have any power over me yet! thats a good one!!! Jail warden….hehe….so very apt!

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