When is the stork coming?

Whats worse than going into labour?

Answer: Not knowing when you are going into labour – especially when you’ve gone past that eagerly awaited (with half-dread) due date.

Last night at 9.15pm, chubby hubby and I managed to catch what I thought was the last date movie would have for a while – to watch my all time favourite male actor Mr Dicaprio in Inception. Luckily, nothing happened during the movie (no waters breaking, no contractions as I had feared) so it was an enjoyable 2 hours we spent in the cinema. Quite an enjoyable movie, at least it gets you thinking after the show ends.

So I’m not 1 day overdue. I thought the full moon would do it’s job last night and help matters along, but NO, all I had were false contractions last night from 2.30am til 6.30am – whereby I had crampiness in my lower abdomen and I thought SURELY this is it! It came every 15 minutes – much more regular and more painful than the Braxton Hicks contractions (painless) that I have been getting. The baby danced away between 2.30- 4.45am the poor thing must have been feeling harassed inside.

But at 6.30am, I had fallen asleep and my pregnancy bible “What to expect” says that if you can fall asleep, chances are, those arent real contractions. And slept I did – after 4 hours of clock (handphone) watching.

Now for another dreaded long night tonight ahead and OH I’m tired of waiting. At least I may get the chance to go out and eat DIM SUM tomorrow for lunch. Thats if nothing happens tonight!

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