Proud Mother of 1!

Hello everyone! In between multiple feeding schedules, catching up on sleep (what sleep), toilet breaks, eating and resting, there is no time for anything else – especially when Baby decides to wake every 2 hours at night for feeds – I managed to find 2 secs to write something here – just to show HEY, I’m still here! The only difference is that I’m now a mother of 1!

I will soon story about my birth experience and events leading up to God’s blessing, our Baby Jade Lim Wen Xuan – but only once I get the confinement lady off my back!

Here’s a pic of baby! HELLO WORLD! She says….

Baby Jade's first hour at home after returning from the Hospital at 4 days old. Her face is still alittle puffy from water retention but that's Daddy's girl alright! Looks like she may have my eyes (if nothing else) - lets see!


8 thoughts on “Proud Mother of 1!

  1. Hi Baby-Jade, How are you !! Can’t wait to meet you in person.
    Send my regards to your Mama-Sue and Papa-Ron. 🙂

  2. hey, congrats congrats!! Baby Jade is such a dahlinks and looks like mum is doing very well too 🙂 oh so cuteeeeeeeeeeee …

    congrats on your lil bundle of joy!!

  3. Hello Baby Jade! Aunty Nellie cant wait to hold you in her arms..
    Come back to KL soon!

    Jade’s Mummy – I miss you but good to know you’re doing well!


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