10th day

I’m glad to report that Jade is now 10 days old!

She’s been a fantastic baby and only cries when she wants to be fed! Don’t want to over praise her in case she suddenly decides to turn the tables and be a fuss pot…:P

So far, motherhood has been up and down – healing and recovery is not fast and quick and of course where my old, (somewhat) taut tummy was, now reside a bunch of flabs. Not yet reaching Heidi Klum state, I’m afraid. I haven’t started on any exercise regime, though – who’s got the time for it??? Blogging is more important! (ha ha)

The midwife from the hospital just came for her second home care visit. Baby Jade and her mother is doing well, according to the weighing scales. I had put on 15 kgs during pregnancy and I have lost 10kgs after the birth! So I reckon the remaining 5 missing kgs are on my chest (1kg), tummy (1kg), hips and thighs (1.5kg), arms (500g) and other unidentifiable areas (1kg).

Now its only for the over stretched skin on the tummy – does anyone have any solution to this other than that of plastic surgery? Har-har.

I havent washed my hair in a record 10 days! Surprisingly, it doesnt smell but it has clumped up abit due to excess oils. I do still comb it and tied it up – it looks like a well-oiled chignon. Maybe I may end up with very nice, well conditioned locks at the end of the day! Fermented locks! hee.

But good news on the horizon – I got a stamp of approval for some hairwashing tomorrow using ginger and lemongrass water. Hip hip? Hooray!

Oops! Feeding time.



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