The simple things in life

Good ol' water

I will try never to take a simple bath for granted again.

Low in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the basic bath and sleep are things that I have taken for granted. Now I know why and how sleep deprivation works in the manner of a human torture routine. You go abit delirious when you dont sleep or are not allowed to sleep for days on end.

The shower of course, we can go without – depending on the strength of your mind (and senses, namely the nose!) While you don’t go delirious without washing your hair or showering – (well, other people might, once they get a whiff of your downwind) a shower suddenly becomes such a wonderful thing once you’ve gone without it long enough.

I have finally been able to take a bath and wash my hair last night – Oh, it felt as if it was my birthday. If you’ve been following my previous posts, it is because I just gave birth and am ‘serving time’ – confinement time for 30 days,

I shampooed for at least 20 minutes (just like in the salon) – who knows when my next shampoo will come?

And then rinsed off with specially prepared ginger and lemongrass water. I took a bath with the remaining water (it takes some strategy doing everything using just one big bucket of water) – you’d be surprised really how little water you really need for a hairwash.

This is probably how the inmates in a Bali jail wash up – one bucket per person, once a week. I read this in Shapelle Corby’s biography.

Do YOU take your daily or twice or even thrice daily showers for granted?  What happens when the world runs out of freshwater? Do your part for the environment and shower with a bucket once a week! Hee hee.

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