2 more weeks to freedom

Oh she's so BIG already! 😛

I am exactly at the 14 day mark (half month) for my confinement period. Baby Jade is 2 weeks old! Once upon a time she was 3 days old. Ha ha! Next, she’ll be 1 month, then 6 months, then 1 year old! Time flies and next thing you know, Oops, I’m pregnant again. (I try hard not to envision that right now).

I am already salivating and thinking of what I can do (and EAT!) when I get out of confinement, get back to KL and its little luxuries.

I shall attempt to list down my wish list (and not in the following order – or wait, MAYBE in the following order)

1. EAT EAT EAT all the sashimi i want.

2. DRINK DRINK DRINK all the beer/wine I want (of course I am limited to a couple a week due to breast feeding). Also to have as much coffee and coke as I want without counting mg’s of caffeine.

3. Have a really hard, body punishing – BODY Massage (all the pregnancy massages I’ve been to have been weak massages at best. I need someone to knead out all my knots)

4. Have a full blown foot reflexology session (was not allowed to during pregnancy)

5. Have a pampering facial (couldnt enjoy any facials with my big round tummy)

6. Have a night out with the girls/boys/ANYONE!

7. Have a bath and shower and wash my hair whenever I want. Have my hair cut, coloured, perms, anything with chemicals!

8. Go back to my regular clothes (GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDANCE maternity clothes).

9. Shopping!! (For regular clothes and HIGH HEELS)

10. Go on a short holiday with Chubby Hubby (and Baby, if possible).

I am due to turn 30 next month. I’m quite sad that I wont be able to celebrate the big 3-0 with my dearest friends in Malaysia but I hope to make up for it when I get back!

Oh the big 3-0. You turn 30 and suddenly, you are no more a girl. Tee hee.

There was a list of things that I was supposed to achieve before I turned 30 – I have a long way to go before achieving them! Of course the pregnancy and baby now pushes thing back alittle, but like my friend Max says…You have a whole year of being 30! So I shall toast to a whole year of new adventures (with the little tyke in tow)!

Who says you can’t be an adventurous Mama?


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