10 more days to go…

I am in a wonderful mood today, as I have just had my 2nd bath in 20 days. The freshness of it all brings me to a fantastic disposition to blog today.

In another 10 days, baby Jade will be 1 month old and we will be celebrating her Full Moon with friends and family (my friends in KL will be treated to another 3rd moon party in November I hope!) – and there is another reason to celebrate – the end of my confinement period. We can finally take baby out to ‘see the world!’ – which translates into shopping for her Mummy!! hee hee. (A nice tick off my “to do” list as per my past post – retail therapy is JUST what I need to beat any hovering post natal blues)

And with a major wedding event of close friends coming up in October, I will need a dress (and shoes! HEELS!) for the occasion, shopping is definitely on my list. Out you go empire cut dresses and welcome the bandage dress. (Oh I’m sure I’m going to look like a ‘pau bak chang’ or those Chinese ‘wrapped glutinous rice dumplings’ in a bandage dress with my post baby fats)

I am abit sad to see loose flabby skin on my tummy (which has shrunk down to pre-natal size, almost!) and based on some desparate searching online, found that most mothers’ loose belly skin do not go away. I would have to wait (between 3 months and 3 years!) for it to regain its elasticity (by which time I hopefully would have had another baby). SO IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN. I shall not lose hope – bring on the personal trainers and kick boxing classes -I’m going to do a Heidi Klum!

Some mothers cheerfully accept their post natal (shriveled, chiffon cake-looking) bellies and silvering stretch marks as a badge of honour, a mark of a soldier, a warrior’s scar!

To digress abit from my impertinent whinings about post natal recovery, I’d like to share about a hip hop artist and a dynamic young pastor, Mr Jaeson Ma, who recently came to DUMC to preach. I didn’t have the blessing of hearing him in person, but I checked out his website jaesonma.com and he is really interesting to listen to.

Here is one of his songs called Love which I really like. I hope he won’t mind that I’m sharing the “love” about him on my blog!

Jaeson Ma’s website http://www.jaesonma.com is also a blog and has many videos of his preaching – check it out and enjoy!


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