Mad Men

Mummy-hood is rather exhausting. You want the baby to stay small and cute for ages but can’t wait for her to grow past the 2 or 3 hour feeding schedules.

I have been rather lax with my postings lately. Blame it on the baby’s 3rd week growth spurt. Yes, they have charts to tell you which weeks your baby will likely have growth spurts and the next is between week 5 and 6. And the baby obediently follows these charts!

Its a countdown of a mere 3 days before I can hit the showers and take a real bath with regular water. And from then on, back to my twice daily showers and clean hair. I’ve not been out of the house for a few days now, the dreary, wet and wintry weather would not permit me to sit at the local coffee place where I can ‘goyang kaki’ (relax) for about an hour each time.

To keep me sane during 30 minute breastfeeding sessions every 2-3 hours, I’ve taken to watching continuous episodes of the Golden Globe winning Mad Men series. I know Mad Men has been around for a while but I never got round to trying it out. Finally, I’ve checked it out, starting with the Pilot Season 1 episode.

I like this poster

I find this series to be quite brillant. It revolves around Don Draper, a Creative Director at an Ad Agency in the 60’s era. Costumes and scenes are enacted in the 60’s as well and everyone, everywhere is smoking. In bed, in restaurants, in offices, next to children and even the pregnant lady smokes. Not an exemplary show for good health but it captures very interesting blatant issues in the 60’s that would not happen today – an example is the harassment that women get and the lowly role of a woman in office those days.

It is very much a conversational piece, if you like alot of talk. Fortunately the main lead Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is reallll easy on the eye and the women of the show are beautiful as well. Alot of the clothing shown are gorgeous flare skirts with cute cardi’s, headbands and perfectly coiffed hair – ala Louis Vuitton (Marc Jacobs) this season.

The main lead character, Donald Draper (Jon Hamm) - cigarette always in hand

The beautiful January Jones as 'Betty Draper' - wife of Don Draper

The voluptuous Christina Hendriks as Joan

Some of the cast of Mad Men

Just googling their list of awards – wow! They are really on to something! I guess their acting, storyline, cinematography and costume efforts have been appreciated! Best television series (drama) for 3 years in a row!!!

Wikipedia  Golden Globe Awards for Mad Men




  • Best Television Series – Drama (win)
  • Best Actor – Television Series Drama – Jon Hamm
  • Best Actress – Television Series Drama – January Jones

For more info on their awards, click here.


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