Baby Jade’s Full Moon

Proud parents aren't we?

Our baby Jade is officially 1 month old! We had a wonderful full moon party for her, balloons and all. She had many nice pressies (which the Mother loved opening!).

Some of her pressies. I couldnt get them all in one frame so here's an idea.

A tiger-dance puppet! For the little girl born in the year of the tiger? Hilarious!

One of the pressies from Jade's Godpa and Godpa - Lines and Vicky! Thank you Godma and Pa!

A gift from Uncle Wyman who insisted us to open his pressie first "because it is the best present"!! haha - not sure whether it was him talking or the XO talking but aren't these little NIke Airmax(es) adorable!

The party in full swing at the restaurant

Baby with the happy grandparents

Godpa and Godma, where are you looking??? Baby's here!

Jade was such a good girl on her first day ‘out’ of the house since coming home from the hospital. I have to say the Peg Perego baby car capsule does not seem like a comfortable fit for her! Don’t think she was very comfy in it. I think she might have to grow alittle bigger to enjoy it.

However, she slept quite happily in the Bugaboo pram (bassinet) during the whole event (trust me, it WAS noisy) – its the first time we are using the pram, and I feel it’s rather bulky and took up almost the entire car boot space (of a Honda Accord Euro). Oh well, if the baby is happy, the parents should be too. Today will be Jade’s second outing so I’m gonna give the pram another chance.

Here are a few more pics of the partying!

Complete with karaoke and live band (one (wo)man band no less!)

Alot of dancing and "lights dimming" action

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