Partay Weekend

Today Adelaide has the worst weather I have ever encountered in the past months. Its stormy, the skies are angry, there’s thunder and heaps of rain! The wind is howling and beating on the walls of the house.

Alas! This weekend was supposed to be my party weekend (a.k.a release from jail weekend) and my mates Ally, Andrew and Linda are popping over from Melbourne to (1) see Jade (2) party (3) catch up (4) drink and be merry (5) eat! and not really in that order I reckon!

So the weather is quite off-putting but nevermind, we shall rely on having fun indoors, at home, with MagicSing (hand held karaoke) in hand. (Its great that we have no immediate neighbours to ‘benefit’ from our racket).

Have I mentioned that Motherhood is the opposite from a ‘breeze’? Nappy changing, burping baby (sometimes unsuccessfully), breast feeding frenzies, tired eyes from deprived sleep, backaches, stress from the fretting baby….its a real challenge. I now understand why some couples might say that they never want to have children.

BUT! (Yes there is a BUT)

When you look at your baby’s – smile (whether intentional or not), yawn, wince, frown, hiccups, sneezing and all, your heart melts, your tensions are smoothed away – even just for that minute. And you figure you want another little bub soon..and how much of a blessing it is.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that baby will be good and I won’t end up feeling (and looking) like a prematurely aging, fatty, haggard 30 year old woman when I start shouldering much more responsibility (once my confinement lady goes home).

Baby is  5 weeks old and I’m no where closer to getting my body in shape ala Heidi Klum. To be fair, I havent been exercising much. So my target for Christmas this year to to get into a better shape than I ever was pre-natal. And fitter and healthier and stronger!

But first, partaaaayyyy weekend! Cheers!


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