Time is of the essence

Jade and her mummy

Jade with her proud Daddy

Time is so precious.

I just managed to squeeze in a couple of minutes to update my blog in between baby’s feeding, fretting, crying and fussing. When she is sleeping, I try to squeeze in an hour of sleep but I remember that I also get hungry, tired and need to actually go to the toilet! And in between THESE basic life’s needs, I need to make sure I express milk into a bottle for later use(s) and setting aside some quiet time for prayer and devotion.

Last night i ended up so exhausted that when I finally got to bed, Ronnie says he’ll turn off the lights and I should sleep. But I said, I havent done my nightly prayers and stuff, and he says But you’re tired. And I am but I remembered that God should not be put last and squeezed in during the tail end of the day when we are at our ‘tired-est’.

Its challenging times. My mum says ‘hang in there – just for these few months’. I hope baby Jade grows out of her growth spurt hunger/irritation and I get a better peace of mind.

Happy Belated Merdeka to Malaysians out there. While the 1 Malaysia tagline normally draws some snide comments, I really hope we can be 1 Malaysia – and all Malaysians are just “Malaysians!!!”


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