Tears as fresh as yesteryear

Today my brother Jeen wrote this on Vernie’s facebook wall:

Now that I’m alone, I do wish you were around to bug me or say I am boring, or play your little online games til the wee mornings. Or when I open my eyes to check if you’re still playing the PS. Or when I tell you to go to bed. Or to hear you playing the guitar as softly as possible in the other room (although it seems… you’re playing loudly). The silence reverberates and I can only hear my echoes.

It seems like ages since Vernie was here last – but our tears are as fresh as yesteryear. Next month’s is Vernie’s Birthday, he would have turned 18. It would be cool if Ronnie and I could buy him an iPad for this year’s birthday. Its been awhile since I had Vern-tears but as I learned along the way, the tears never dry up and comes quickly when I allow my mind to drift and remember him.

It gets harder to look at his pictures. I still daren’t open the Vern Pictures folder. Its been a while.

And when I do, its like an electricity jolt – it was as if the brain had shut down in Vern-zone memories and suddenly had been rudely revived. You remember that Vern and his antics were once here on earth, just alittle over a year ago.

We miss you Vernie – you and your lame jokes and riddles – don’t think we forgot about you.


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