An eventful day

What does a mother need to do to get her baby to sleep through the night????

And sleep deprivation goes on. My blog again takes the back seat due to overwhelming mummy hood duties.

Now, a day is considered eventful if I successfully remove some hardened snot from baby’s nose!

Look – I have to resort to using double spacing for my blog posts so it doesn’t look like a pathetic post! Haha!

The lack of time on my hands have led me to realise what a terrific, fantastic invention the iPad is, so thank you APPLE! I manage to type 5 sentence emails quickly on the ipad while sitting on the loo – even that’s a luxury these days.

I’m just in the teething stage of motherhood, so dont shoot me for under-glorifying the whole thing…Baby Jade’s 6 weeks old now and she’s starting to learn how to laugh (soundlessly of course).

Here’s an updated pic of baby…

Caught that smile on camera

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