Guy Sebastian or no? (post updated)

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Paradise Community Church last Sunday, the first time attending church since I landed in Adelaide (shame on me!). After giving birth, I had to work around feeding schedules but I recently discovered the thrill of expressing breastmilk so I can actually go out for more than 2 hours per time.

As the time inched nearer to 915am and baby wanted a feed, I thought I couldnt make it to church (again!) but Praise God somehow we made it to Paradise church on time for their 10am service! and it was wonderful, wonderful to experience it. The fact that Guy Sebastian went to this church didnt even cross my mind, I promise!!! haha

Paradise Community Church, Adelaide - Sunday morning service

The size of the church was about 1/3 the size of DUMC back home and it was interesting that the stage and all were lit up as if you were at a concert and during worship, the lights were turned out and it really felt as if you had privacy to worship and that you werent sharing the hall with like 1 thousand other people.

I was abit shy shy to take a picture of the stage but a fantastic opportunity presented itself. It was baby dedication day and the Pastor encouraged family members to take pics, so I whipped out my camera.

The service was only 1.5 hours long compared to 2 hours in DUMC. Felt as if time passed by quickly. I’m hoping to go back there next Sunday! Would have been great to have seen Guy Sebastian but he must be too busy filming Australian X-Factor as a judge (together with Ronan Keating and Natalie Imbruglia) in either Sydney or Melbourne…who knows…he might come back to sleepy Adelaide one day!

Guy during his 'fro days in Australian idol

Guy today - looking HAWT!


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