Brave little Jade

Oh – sakit hati-nya!

Poor little baby Jade went for her first immunisation session today. No it wasnt just one little pin prick, it was 2 jabs (left AND right thigh) and also one oral medication – THE appetiser.

It is, of course something that happens everyday, multiple times per day – hardly an event for those nurses. So they were exceptionally professional (read: quick, no frills) although they did the usual rounds of cooing at the cuteness of the baby etc etc. Two of them in blue uniform.

So baby was told to remove pants as the jabs would be going into those two little thighs. Baby was extremely good, even happy. I was told to put her sitting on my lap, sitting up. First, the oral vaccine for (Rotavirus) went into the mouth – baby spat abit out, and the rest was squirted in easily enough.

Then one of the nurses asked me casually “Are you breastfeeding?”

I thought it has something to do with the affect on the vaccines (silly of me, now I think) and I realised – so as the nurses flanked us on the right and left, I started to get nervous as if I was the one getting the jabs (I was told to hold baby’s hands) and I asked the nurses “Is she going to cry?”

The nurses smiled “All babies do” and Prick! In went the two jabs simultaneously, with such swiftness and precision. Poor baby, she didnt realise it at first but when they removed the needles, baby ‘s face crinkled up in (can I describe it as pain) PAIN and her face turned super red and her expression was that of a baby going to have a big screaming fit, but instead her cries came out weak. Very much unlike the unrepentant cries when she wants milk. Poor baby.

She was pacified under 1 minute and she relaxed and we waited for 10 minutes at the waiting area as advised. If she was fine within those 10 minutes, we were good to go. And praise God everything was fine. She ran alittle temperature awhile after but we zapped it with some infant panadol drops. Such a good little girl! Until the next immunisation in 2 months time….


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