Didja think you came to the wrong place?

Yet another year has passed.

A grungy look now -hardly befitting a now ‘motherly’ woman on the cusp of the 3rd decade of her life, big 3-0 – with babe to the breast, baby vomit on shoulder, usual sleep interrupted, a healthy dose of stretchmarks on her belly and a host of other unmentionables which mark the start of my package going into my 30’s.

Wow, there was a day when I thought being 30 was old, but now (and thanks in a little way to SATC) – being 30, I welcome glamour, style and excitement. What will the next decade bring me?

Happy birthday MY FLAVOUR, you’re two! Here’s to a new decade of more of blogging – a new slate, new chalk, new mindset. Armed with the love of God and also importantly, the love of who I am, what I’ve become and who I’m going to be – lets finally celebrate life!


3 thoughts on “Didja think you came to the wrong place?

  1. well… after all the years of working madness and endless parties… i guess we all have to calm down and be settled… it’s good to know that things work out well in the end… don’t cha?

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