My intimate celebration last night

You can say its sad, you can say it with sniffles that I spent my 30th birthday (which I had been looking forward to for just the past 5 years) just with my Mum and Baby Jade (who isnt much of a willing participant, I tell ya). But still, there was SOME pomp and circumstance thanks to some strangers sitting on the same teppanyaki counter as us. All aussie ladies from Canberra who are in town for a conference. Them ladies and their wine glasses – so you can imagine some joyful banter.

Alot of the conversation was about babies (mine – cute; and theirs – who have mostly grown to teenagers and young adults – trouble!) and how ‘babies are lovely now, but wait til they grow up’ and the mothers roll their eyes.

My lovely in laws took the trouble to organise a bday cake for me delivered from Malaysia (topped with sparkles!) and while there was no singing (felt abit silly with just mum and I singing), there was a picture taken.

Happy Birthday to me!

Mua and Baby Jade...she had a space too!

3 generations of women - Jade Jade is wearing her Shaolin Kungfu top

Mum says…”I hope no one thinks we are a lesbian couple”. HA HA HA. Joke of the day.

Thank you to all my friends who had msged me on FB, sms’ed and Stena, Miss Tan and Alvern for blog wishes. All your thoughts made my ‘lonely’ 30th a nice one. Much love!


5 thoughts on “My intimate celebration last night

  1. did bb jade sleep when the chef ching ching chang chang on da teppanyaki cooking board?
    sound like she’s really a good bb!n so amazing aunt janet delivered the cake from kl!how they do it man btw??can go through aussie super straight custom mei?hee hee,hope u wont find my questions super silly ;P

  2. Happy birthday, Sue Ann! You look good and so does your mum and baby Jade! Sometimes it’s nice to have an intimate dinner with meaningful people. I am sure you appreciate your family a lot! Take care, and I do look forward to seeing you when you get back to KL.

  3. Dun bluff. U’re happy to quietly let ur big 3-0 pass through unnoticed. 😛 Baby so cute… From now on, every birthday hence forth you will only get candles that say you’re 21 or 30. Haha.

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