Baby’s new toy

Hi all, the busy bee has returned to her blogging nest. Its been a ‘holiday’ away from my blog post 30th birthday but the time did not go without being eventful. Baby is learning new tricks almost daily and recently she can smile and respond to you when you talk to her. Of course we all baby talk to her (looking and sounding terribly silly at times) but her smile is all worth it!

I recently spent a pretty penny on this:

The Bouncy Bouncy we nicknamed it

Its the Baby Bjorn Air Balance – airy indeed for hot countries, such as ours, and it has a harness and a seat for little baby. The selling point is that it can be used until the baby is two years old but we’re not sure how to keep baby happily in it past 5 months!

So far the bouncer is worth all the pretty pennies i spent cos Jade loves being in it (read: lays in it for over 1 hour without getting annoyed) and its pretty self entertaining. Her hand and leg movements subtly shake the bouncer on its own (while she is watching tv). Yes she is starting young but she isnt old enough to develop addictions yet (i hope!)

Its also great if you are a home alone mum and need something and somewhere to put the baby (read: bathroom) when you need to take a shower and dont want to leave baby unsupervised. TING TING! Genius!



One thought on “Baby’s new toy

  1. Hey Sue

    Where did you buy this bouncing chair?.. It looks useful. Thought of getting one for my Kaelyn. Currently i am using the “conventional” bouncing chair but i find it not so convenient when she wants to watch tv (haha…yea.. she loves watching tv too..)

    Let me know ya..Thanks.

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